About: Background


In 1997, Arun Property Development (PTY) Ltd purchased a 182 ha piece of land from the University of Stellenbosch which became it's first projects.

This project, which enrailed the rezoning and subdivision of this land into several residential, business and institutional portions, is now the popular Sonstraal Heights in Durbanville.

As the abovementioned development started growing, Arun started broadening its development fields in Sonstraal Heights by first developing a sectional title complex, Bakersfield (2002) and the standard setting group house development, Wedgewood in 2003.

Fiddlewood which was launched in 2005 was one of the last developments in Sonstraal Heights. It is a 13 unit group housing development which is also one of the first e-State ™ developments in the country.


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