ATEC Systems and Technologies (Pty) Ltd

ATEC is a Specialist ICT company that aims to enhance the value of Residential Estates, Retirement villages and even Shopping Centres with modern but mature Telecommunications, Security and Web Based Management technology, and provides these services to Property Developers and Home Owners Associations / Body Corporates. Additionally, ATEC provides Managing Agents, HOA's and Body Corporates with a single point of responsibility on all support activities on these Electronic Systems which includes Training, Helpdesk, Maintenance and Upgrade design/planning/execution.

ATEC's technologies include Fibre to the Home Telecommunication Networks, Biometric Access Control, IP based Surveillance, 2D Vehicle License Scanners with Portable Biometric enrolment, Panic and Frail Care Solutions, Distributed TV systems , Voice over IP telephony , IPTV and Video on Demand systems. All ATEC products are complemented by integration with the ATEC developed Property and Estate Management Software. ATEC’s Products and services never compromise on quality, are user-friendly, and automate, connect and manage properties more conveniently than anything the industry has seen before. Create superior properties by investing in an ATEC Technology solution today!

ATEC, the Technology Partner of choice for Properties of Distinction.